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Get discounts on uncharted co-op and multiplayer DLC for a limited time

Uncharted DLC Sale This Weekend Only

Uncharted 3 may offer the first 15 levels of the competitive multiplayer for free, but sadly co-op isn't included. The good news is that players can purchase additional components of the game separately without springing for the whole package. Maybe you've delved into the free multiplayer and have been eyeing the additional co-op sections of the game. If you've been patiently biding your time to pick up the co-op DLC, then you'll probably want to take note of this one-weekend sale.

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A new infographic highlights Natan Drake's adventures

A Chart that Charts the Uncharted Franchise

There is something quite Stat-tacular when a game series reaches a certain maturity.  The Halo franchise recently created an infographic showing how many times the game has been played over the years and now it is the turn of the Uncharted series.  The franchise has been co-op since the second game and with over 15 million games sold, let’s hope for more.  Check out the gallery for the full size image and bask in the history of Nathan Drake and the fact you have all been playing the games for more than 2500 years.

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More Maps available for Uncharted 3, New Co-Op Mode Announced Too

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is getting a new map pack today called the Flashback Map Pack #2.  While this content update won't contain any new co-op modes like the last DLC, it will contain a bunch of remastered maps from Uncharted 2 playable in both competitive and co-op survival gameplay.   The maps - Plaza, Temple, Train Wreck, and Village - have all-new dynamic lighting effects, innovative particle effects and tons of other fresh technical polish thanks to the Uncharted 3 engine.

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Join Co-Optimus for an Uncharted Co-Op Night on Dec 10th

This Saturday, December 10th, we're hosting a co-op night featuring Uncharted 3 on PS3, starting at 8PM Central. We haven't done many PS3 events, and you've all been asking for them, so here you go! We're going to keep running co-op nights for all three platforms so there will be more to come for PS3 fans.

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