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Co-Op Gaming Trend Continues to Grow in Popularity
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Co-Op Gaming Trend Continues to Grow in Popularity

"Competition is fun, but it's just as fun to do teamwork," said Nick Puleo, founder of Co-Optimus, a Web site devoted to cooperative gaming. "Co-op is more of a positive thing than going around and killing the other team. It's built around a story or an objective that you can accomplish together."

Oh...hey...that's me!  Ok, so that's not the only great quote in the article.  In fact there are quotes from the likes of Greg LoPiccolo, vice president of product development at Harmonix Music, as well as Reid Schneider, senior producer for Army of Two at Electronic Arts.   Both talk about the importance of the cooperative experience in their product.  


Finally the Chronicle talks to the man, Mr. Peter Moore who is currently serving as president of EA Sports.  What does he have to say?

He said the co-op play was one of the nice features of Gears of War, a title published by Microsoft when he was vice president of Microsoft's gaming business.

"In Gears, you had each other's back and you took care of each other," Moore said. "Even if you were weaker, you could last longer and have more fun."

 Microsoft really has led the way in the co-op revolution.  It all started with Halo on Xbox 1.  And with the ever growing user base of Xbox Live developers have really found a way to connect more people to enjoy the co-op experience.  Just look at our games database, specifically the Xbox 360.   There are more co-op games available for Xbox Live Arcade and the Xbox 360 than most of the other systems combined.