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Co-Op Couples: Demo Date Night
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Co-Op Couples: Demo Date Night


Every couple needs to add some variety to their life now and again.  Maybe try a new restaurant, take dancing lessons, host a dinner party, whatever.  Your gaming life is no different.   You’ve survived the zombocalypse, fought off the Horde and left a trail of Legos a mile long in your wake.  Then one day you ask your partner if she wants fire up one of the old standards, but you’re met with a rousing “Meh.” 

We all know money’s tight. Even if you’re willing to drop some cash, maybe there isn’t anything you know you’re interested in.  What’s an adventurous couple to do?  Queue up a Demo Date Night! 

Most people view demos as just a chance to check out a game before they buy it.  Tam and I have discovered that a night of demos can be just as much fun as any retail game.  And demos are easier to get than ever, thanks to digital distribution.  The Xbox 360, PS3 and PCs are particularly friendly to setting up such a night.  Unfortunately, I don’t know about the availability of demos on the Wii.