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Trenched Will Be Coming to Europe - Eventually
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Trenched Will Be Coming to Europe - Eventually

DoubleFine's excellent mech/tower defense game, Trenched, will be coming to Europe.  We just don't know when.  Apparently, there's a trademark dispute with a Portuguese board game maker named Rui Alipio Monteiro.  He trademarked his "Trench" board game back in 2007.  The gentleman has also trademarked the title for video game versions of his concept.  Monteiro has issued a statement which doesn't back down from his trademark claims.  You can see the full statement over at Eurogamer.  Double Fine is taking this all in stride, with Trenched Project Lead Brad Muir offering up this nugget of wisdom:

 This entire process has been very frustrating to us and it makes us sad that the people of Europe can't play our game. Microsoft owns the IP for TRENCHED and they are working to resolve things as quickly as possible. I wish there were more information to give but it's still unclear as to how things will shake out. The one thing I do know is that the game will be released in those territories! It might take a while, but Europeans will have the opportunity to stick it to Vlad and his Tubes. We would recommend playing through Castle Crashers for the 17th time while you wait, because that game rules and Dan Paladin is a national treasure.

That's is a very fine idea, indeed.  Hopefully the good people of Europe will be piloting their own Trenches soon, no matter what the game is called.