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11th August: The End Is Nigh for Army of Two
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11th August: The End Is Nigh for Army of Two

EA are shutting down the servers to several of their online games on 11th August, including co-op fave Army of Two

Good-night, sweet princes; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest

At Co-Optimus we like to concentrate on the lighter things in life; like butterflies, or candy, or candied butterflies.  However, the real world is a far darker place, the type of place where EA shut down servers for co-op friendly games such as Army of Two.  As mentioned last month, on the 11th August the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Army of Two will no longer be playable online.  This makes tonight your last chance to complete the game with a pal, or get that final tricky achievement.

Let us gather in a session of group therapy and recount our favorite Army of Two memories:

The time we fist bumped over the still smoldering corpse of a heavy machinegun operator.

or, Remember the time I was standing around absorbing all the enemy bullets as you were meant to sneak around and flank them?  You decided to forget about me and kept going to the checkpoint - I'm still here, waiting.