Army Of Two

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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More Army of Two Co-Op Details
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More Army of Two Co-Op Details

From the looks of things the game's AI has been beefed up significantly since journalists previewed the game to mixed reactions last fall.  There's a whole new aggro system in place which allows one player to draw the enemy fire more than another.  The advantage of this is it allows the secondary player to sneak around and take out badguys from the back.  Nice!  Being a co-op game, what would happen if you'd try to leave your partner behind?  Well the WSJ asked the same question.

In this game, you can't leave your partner behind, no matter how miserable or arrogant he or she might be. What happens if you do? "The game gets too hard," says senior producer Reid Schneider. Army features lots of co-op-only tactics such as a back-to-back mode for heavy fighting, and firing sniper rifles simultaneously.

The article also covers the online mode in which it pits pairs of players against other players.  This doesn't necessarily mean fighting against each other, but perhaps it's racing to achieve the same objective.  Sounds pretty unique, and it's something we'll be on the lookout for come March 4th.