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Feline Folly? Mad Catz to Re-Release Rock Band 3
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Feline Folly? Mad Catz to Re-Release Rock Band 3

The peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz has taken over publishing rights of Rock Band 3 and is re-releasing the game

It lives!

Story after story has been written about the rise and fall of the rhythm action genre.  Co-Optimus thought that the genre was done, at least for a little while, but not according to Mad Catz.  You may think this is a group of angry felines whose fur you stroked the wrong way, but in fact it is a well known manufacturer of game peripherals - including instruments for the moth balled Rock Band 3.

In a move in keeping with their 'mad' state of mind, the company have taken over publishing of Rock Band 3 and plan to re-release the game this holiday season on the 360.  The game will be bundled with their own peripherals, including the option of their Pro-Guitar controller that allows you to learn the instrument for real.  Is this re-release actually mad?  MTV Games no longer exist and there should be money to be made from the 3000+ tracks online.  

Community Question:  Is the music rhythm action genre dead?  Do we care about Rock Band anymore?