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Rock Band DLC to End April 2nd
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Rock Band DLC to End April 2nd

Still over 4,000 songs to rock out to

It seemed like the days of plastic instruments cluttering up living rooms would never end. On April 2nd, however, Harmonix has announced that DLC support for Rock Band 3 will be terminated as the team moves on to other projects. The songs aren't going anywhere, and sales will continue to occur, but new content is officially at an end. Not only is it a sobering reminder of an era coming to pass, but it also marks the longest DLC support for a franchise in video gaming history, boasting over 275 weeks of continuous releases.

Three main Rock Band games have been released to date along with several band-specific versions such as The Beatles: Rock Band and Green Day: Rock Band, a few spin-offs (Lego Rock Band) and portable versions (Rock Band: Unplugged). There's a whole lot of Rock Band out there, for sure, and users have made over 100 million downloadable song purchases over the years.

To celebrate the milestone, Harmonix will be releasing more Pro Guitar upgrades in the near future along with a few first-time Rock Band artists and the remaining Rock Band Blitz tracks. There's also a huge Rock Band DLC sale going on, and the complete list of sale items should satisfy just about every musical taste.