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Xbox 360 Co-Op Night for Tuesday, August 23rd - Brink
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Xbox 360 Co-Op Night for Tuesday, August 23rd - Brink

We'll be playing Brink as well as the DLC from 9PM Eastern until Midnight.

It's been sometime, but we're back this month with another official Xbox 360 Co-Op Night.   The game de mois is Brink with its 8 player online co-op gameplay.  Hopefully you fine folks remembered to snag the free Agents of Change DLC before it went premium last week, as we plan on hitting that up as well.

The event kicks of on Tuesday, August 23rd at 9PM Eastern and will run until Midnight.  So dust off those copies of Brink and come join the Co-Optimus staff and community by defending...or defeating the Ark.

We recommend leaving your gamertag below in the comments section to help facilitate invites, but simply using the game's match making tools will help you find a co-op game with ease - there will be plenty of folks playing!

We hope to see you there!