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A Leedmees Launch Trailer to Brighten Your Day
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A Leedmees Launch Trailer to Brighten Your Day

With all the awesome launch games focusing on death and destruction this week, it was easy for me to miss a nice family friendly co-op title on the XBLA.  I should have caught it in our Co-Op Release Alert for the week, but sometimes I'm blinded by bloodlust.  Leedmees is a new, full body puzzle game which uses the Kinect sensor.  It also relies on your complete willingness to make a fool of yourself, which I have.  After the break we have a pleasant trailer featuring a nice, culturally diverse group of people enjoying the game.  Check it out, but don't listen to the music for too long, or you'll suffocate on all the kittens you puke up.

Leedmees is out now on the Xbox LIVE Arcade.  It'll cost you 800 Microsoft points ($10), and just a tiny shred of dignity.  It supports two player local co-op.