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No definite proof I was there - I'm that flowery shirt wearing loser on the left

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One

R&C was the last co-op game I played at this year’s Eurogamer and as the 4 player beta is already out on PSN, many of you would have had the opportunity to have a go yourselves.  If you did, you will know that the game is a great family friendly title that, like Rayman, proves more difficult than its colorful graphics would suggest.

Picking the immense Captain Qwark I was able to play through a level in local 4 player co-op.   I always find that the best type of co-op games not only allow more than one gamer at a time, but also forces them to work as a team.  This is exactly what R&C does.  With everyone having access to a variety of advanced weaponry the team made mincemeat of the smaller enemies, but when it came to platforming, teamwork would be needed.

As well as weaponry each player has a vacuum that can suck in items and other players.  To span larger gaps one player has to suck up another player and shoot them over.  The rest of the team can then fire off their grappling guns and attach to the player who is already over the gap.  Much mayhem and amusement was had as various players sucked, jumped, grappled, fell and recovered.

Once again the less ‘mature’ co-op market shows that the principle reason you should play a game is to have fun.  This is exactly what my session on R&C was; fun.  In the space of one level I met two new co-op players I would gladly play alongside again in the future.

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