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XBLA Co-op Deals: Magic 2012 and Doom II half off this week
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XBLA Co-op Deals: Magic 2012 and Doom II half off this week

Card and gun battles go cheap

Last week’s massive Xbox Live Arcade game sale was probably the best ever from a co-op standpoint, with over 10 co-op games on sale for at least 50% off. This week XBLA sales aren’t overflowing with cooperative multiplayer titles, but they still include a few good ones: namely Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 and Doom II.

Bethesda sale (open to all members):

  • Doom II – 400 Points (Online Co-op)
  • Fallout 3 – All DLC 50% off
  • Fallout: New Vegas – Dead Money and Honest Hearts DLC 50% off
  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – All DLC 50% off
  • Quake Arena Arcade – 400 Points

Xbox Live Deal of the Week (Gold members only):

  • Battleship (Hasbro Family Game Night) – 400 Points
  • Carcassonne  – 400 Points
  • Catan – 400 Points
  • Magic: The Gathering 2012 – 400 Points (Local/Online Co-op)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Decade Duels – 400 Points

Magic 2012’s sale price is quite a deal as that game just came out over the summer. It’s also a significant improvement over its predecessor, with lots of new modes and limited deck-editing ability. I recommend it to all strategy fans – even those who haven’t played Magic before – as the tutorial and interface make learning the game a snap.

As for Doom II and Quake Arena Arcade going on sale – what better way to celebrate/prepare for RAGE than by checking out two of id Software’s biggest classics? The full Doom II campaign is playable in online co-op, though sadly its Achievements are limited to single-player or versus multiplayer. Quake Arena Arcade is a single-player and online versus only affair, but Quake is an enthusiastically fast and fun FPS experience.

Bethesda and id’s latest first-person shooter, RAGE, just hit retail today. It sports two-player offline and online co-op missions. Don’t miss our full co-op review.

Source: Xbldb.com