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iFrogz Vertex and Mogul Headset Giveaway
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iFrogz Vertex and Mogul Headset Giveaway

We've got a great contest for you today - giving away two slick audio accessories for your co-op gaming desires.  We have two headsets up for grabs from iFrogz - the Mogul and the Vertex.  

The Moguls are DJ style headphones with oversized ear pieces and 50mm drivers.  You'll be spinning discs like a pro while wearing these - and by spinning discs - I mean blu-ray discs in your PlayStation 3.

The Vertex headsets contain 40mm drivers along with an inline mic and single button remote to control your device - perfect for use with your PSP, iPad or other portable gaming device.  

Be sure to follow the above links and read some truly entertaining product descriptions from the folks at iFrogz.  Oh, right...the contest.  I guess you want to know how you can win either one of these.  Lets make it simple this time - simply leave a comment and tell us which headset you want and what gaming device you want to use it with.  We'll pick one winner for each headset and notify them via our PM system on Tuesday, October 25th.

Good luck!