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Latest Humble Indie Bundle Includes Jamestown and Shank
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Latest Humble Indie Bundle Includes Jamestown and Shank

The latest Humble Indie Bundle, number four to be exact, includes co-op titles Jamestown and Shank along with single player indie games Super Meat Boy, NightSky HD, and Bit.Trip Runner.  Spending more than the current average price of about $5.33 will also net you Cave Story and Gratuitous Space Battles.  

What is the Humble Indie Bundle?  It's a collection of Indie Games that work on PC, Mac and Linux that can all be purchased for any price you want.  The proceeds can then be split amongst various charities like Child's Play as well as given to the developers themselves.  After only a few days the bundle has already raised over a million dollars.  Best of all - all the games are DRM free.

What's interesting about this bundle for co-op players, especially concerning Jamestown, is that a Linux and Mac version are now available.  Previously Jamestown was only available on a PC via Steam.  There's almost no excuse not to buy this pack now!


Source: Humblebundle.com