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Final Form Games Shares Their Story of How Co-Op Came to Be in Jamestown

Indie-Ana Co-Op and The Dev Stories - You're All In This Together

When the Indie-Ana Co-Op feature first began, I always intended to one day extend this space to the indie development community to share their trials and tribulations in game making. Today marks the first of what I hope to be many such pieces as Final Form Games, developers of our PC Co-Op GOTY winner Jamestown, share their story of making a four player 'shmup, and the challenges they faced along the way. This is a must read!

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No Reason for Jamestown to E'er be Forgot

Remember, remember the fifth of... well, you know the rest. Indie developer Final Form Games, designer of the spectacular four player co-op 'shmup Jamestown, certainly does. They've announced today on their website that the first DLC for the game will be hitting soon, and it brings with it a new ship and perhap a few other surprises based around the historical event of November 5th...

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Jamestown Co-Op Review

In the midst of the latest summer releases, one title has quietly come along that has managed to capture my attention and affection more than any other. Jamestown, from Final Form Games, provides the kind of 16-bit co-op experience that feels so genuine it could have been a summer of ’92 release…

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