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Two Great Trailers, Countless Co-Op Games
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Two Great Trailers, Countless Co-Op Games

As you may have noticed, it's been a slow month for gaming news. Many of us are on vacation. Some of us are dutifully sitting in empty offices, our vacation days already spent on gaming conventions.  Others still are visiting friends and family, trying to load this page using their parents' crappy internet connection. As you sit there at home with family, or in your office getting scared by a rogue cleaning lady, or at your parent's house trying to guess the neighbor's Wi-Fi password, we offer these two videos for your viewing pleasure.

I should note, Co-Optimus did not make these two videos.  We just want to share them with you for your enjoyment. 

See how many co-op games you can spot.  Here's a hint: There's a lot of 'em.

The above video is very cool. It's by MalcomWKlock.  A lot of good stuff here.  I counted 15 co-op games, but I may be off.  You can see a list of the games shown in the description of the video here.

Next we have a video from G4's X-Play.  It might be easier to try to name the 2011 co-op games not seen in this video.  It's saturated with gaming goodness.  I think I got up to about 35 co-op titles, but then my brain hurt.  You can find a list of the games if you scour the internet, but that's kind of like cheating.

Stay tuned to Co-Optimus for our upcoming 2012 Co-Op preview.  There's a lot to get excited about this year, assuming that we survive the Mayan apocalypse.