Saints Row: The Third

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New Achievements Point to New Mission DLC for Saint's Row the Third
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New Achievements Point to New Mission DLC for Saint's Row the Third

I think we can all agree, Saints Row: The Third is a damn fun game.  I think we can also agree that the real gangsters are working at THQ.  Two bucks for some outfits?  What the hell, guys?  I understand that everyone likes to make money, but SR3 feels like it's been parted out and sold to us through a chop shop.  Oh well, if you don't like it, don't buy it.  I, however, need a samurai mask and warrior princess underoos for my character, so it looks like the joke is on me.

While the early downloadable content has been lack-luster, some upcoming add-ons pack more of a punch as far as new missions are concerned.  We reported on the $20 Season Pass and the three different mission based DLC's last November.  Now we have some details on the first add-on, titled "Genki Bowl VII." Xbox360Achievements recently posted the ten new cheivos that will accompany the DLC. As usual, things look remarkably ridiculous:


  • Cooked To Perfection (10 GS) - Roast 50 peds with the car’s flamethrower (in a single instance of Super Ethical PR Opportunity).
  • Get off My Back (5 GS) - Destroy 5 chase vehicles (in a single instance of Super Ethical PR Opportunity).
  • Stick the Landing (5 GS) - Land on Magarac Island (in Sad Panda Skyblazing).
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (10 GS) - Kill all of the rooftop mascots (in a single instance of Sad Panda Skyblazing).
  • Flame On (10 GS) - Fly through all of the rings (in a single instance of Sad Panda Skyblazing).
  • Feeding Time (10 GS) - Throw 5 mascots into the water (in a single instance of Apocalypse Genki).
  • Murder in the Jungle (10 GS) - Finish both instances of Apocalypse Genki.
  • Storm the Yarn (10 GS) - Destroy a mouse ATV during Sexy Kitten Yarngasm.
  • C-C-C-Combo Breaker (10 GS) - Cause $150,000 worth of damage in a single Sexy Kitten Yarngasm combo.
  • Genki Bowl Champ (20 GS) - Complete all activity instances in Genki Bowl VII.

From this information I have deduced that there will be flamethrowing cars, an island, mascots, depressed pandas, felines with daddy issues, and Yarngasms.  I'm in.  

I originally read "yarngasm" as "yawngasm," which I found both depressing and incredibly intriguing.  I'm picturing some type of vaguely arousing outercourse involving a pair of Forever Lazys

Speaking of insane outfits, there is one good thing about the wardrobe DLC: videos pimping out the digital threads.  Enjoy!

Shhh... The Z-Style pack will cost you $2 (160 MSP)...

... as will the Explosive Combat Pack. 

I totally  bought this.  The best 160 MSP I spent all day!

The Warrior Pack is $3 (240MSP) and I can't live without it.

The "Genki Bowl VII" DLC should be out this month.  I'm anxiously await the promo vid.  Pricing has yet to be determined.  The DLC should be available to co-op players, so long as they have both purchased the add-on.   

What do you think Co-Optimus Community?  Is this DLC gone wild, or are you okay with it?  Is anyone else buying these packs?  If so, what do you think of them?