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Konami Releases New NeverDead Screenshots
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Konami Releases New NeverDead Screenshots

A new release of screen shots from Konami's NeverDead makes us want to try ripping off our body parts off in pure happiness.

Quickly approaching it's official release date, NeverDead is shaping up to be one of the most innovative action/third-person shooter games of early 2012. Controlling the "zombie hero" Bryce Boltzmann, the player is given the ability to remove one's own limbs and use them to your advantage. Either to complete puzzles or just completely wreck your enemies in unorthodox ways, the "self-dismantling" mechanics of NeverDead seemingly breathe new life into what many might consider "just another action shooter".

As of right now, you can do competitive co-op challenges requiring surivial expertise using 4 playable characters (3 are immortal: 2 versions of Bryce, new and old, and one being mortal, Arcadia). Their survival tactics are played much like in the single player mode, such as Bryce avoiding getting his head "swallowed".

Please, if you haven't seen the trailer for this game already, educate yourself now:

NeverDead is scheduled to be released in stores on January 31, which only a few more days away before we can begin the undead action. But for now, savor some of the featured screenshots in the newest gallery of NeverDead pictures: