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Beyond Co-Op - February 12th through February 18th, 2012
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Beyond Co-Op - February 12th through February 18th, 2012

Welcome to Beyond Co-Op, a weekly piece that talks about industry stories that may or may not be related to co-op gaming.  We like to take a look around the industry and see what news and links may interest you in the world fo gaming.

- SSX Gameplay Footage is Here
- Far Cry 3 Announced, Footage
- Indie Dev Launches XBIG Windows Phone 7 App
- Angry Birds first true sequel coming soon


SSX Gameplay Footage is Here

I was a huge fan of the original SSX titles on the PlayStation 2, it's been far to long since we've had a proper sequel to the series.  But within weeks we'll be getting our hands on the game and we'll be shredding the slopes with the best of em.   We've got a handful of gameplay trailers courtesy of sister site Colony of Gamers.com.


Farcry 3 Announced, First Footage

Farcry 3 was announced this week by Ubisoft, bringing a sequel to a game many folks really enjoyed as a shooter that tried to do something different.  We're told the sequel will see improved AI, better traveling options, and of course a top notch story all set on an enhanced version of the Farcry 2 engine.  You can check out the gameplay footage right here.


Indie Dev Launches XBIG App for Windows Phone 7

The latest dashboard update hasn't been kind to Xbox Live Indie Developers.  Luckily they have the power to take matters into their own hands, which one developer has done.  Casey Young has created an app that allows users to browse all the Indie Games available on Xbox Live as well as look at screens, ratings and eventually - even purchase them.  Sweet!

Source:  Joystiq


Angry Birds First True Sequel is Coming Soon

Kotaku has word that mobile gaming sensation Angry Birds is finally get a full fledged sequel, and not just a new theme.  It's called Angry Birds in Space and it's taking "fowl flinging" where fowls have never been flung before.  There's supposed to be plenty of new gameplay elements as well as old strategies at play when the game launches in late March.

Source: Kotaku