• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Co-Op Spotlight: Syndicate
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Co-Op Spotlight: Syndicate

"What's a Co-Op Spotlight," you ask?  It's our way of bringing extra attention to major co-op releases on launch day, providing you with highlights from past articles, information on co-op features, and plans for our future coverage.

I'm sure you understand that it can be difficult to review a game's co-op features before it has been widely released.  Even when we are granted early access to review copies it can be impractical, and at times impossible, to review a game's co-op features.  Co-Optimus's Co-Op Spotlight will not only keep you up to date on launch day co-op features, it will also let you know when we plan on publishing our Co-Op Review. 

This weeks Co-Op Spotlight goes to Syndicate.  This is a reboot of a 1993 real-time tactical shooter.  Like everything else that's ever been rebooted, it's now an FPS.  As you might imagine, this hasn't gone over well with some old-school fans of the game.  You can see one fan's journey through several stages of grief in our featured stories below.

Syndicate will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.  We expect to have our Co-Op Review posted on 2.28.2012.



Online Co-Op:  Yes   Number of Players: 4
Couch Co-Op:  No
Single Player Campaign Co-Op:  No
Separate Co-Op Mode:  Yes

The Co-Op Experience:  Take the role of one of four different character classes and complete 9 dynamic missions.  You'll earn experience, points and upgrades to customize your character.

SYNDICATE Selected Stories

Riddick Developer Working on New Syndicate Title For EA -  "I have high hopes that Starbreeze can find it in their hearts to include a four player co-op option with the series renewal."

Syndicate Reboot Dated for February 2012, First Trailer Revealed

Syndicate Hands on Impressions, New Screens and Video - "...if the co-op campaign is as tight as the single player level I played we're in for an early treat next year."

Syndicate Co-Op Screens and Trailer are Something to Rave About

Syndicate Co-Op Video Introduces the Team

Syndicate Co-Op Demo Out Now - "Perhaps most surprising is just how configurable your agent and breaches will be to bring online, adding a significant RPG like element to the game..."

Syndicate Provides 50 Hours of Tough Gameplay

Industrial Espionage with Guns; the Syndicate Launch Trailer

If you're not one for clicking links, we've provided the launch trailer for you: