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Today's Penny Arcade is Partially Correct, Completely Hilarious
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Today's Penny Arcade is Partially Correct, Completely Hilarious


What are Gabe and Tycho staring at? Today's Penny Arcade comic echoes the woes of everyone here at Co-Optimus, which have been reiterated several times on the Co-Opticasts.

Sharp-eyed readers will note the "Play co-op" scribble in the above panel... For the rest of the comic and Tycho's words of wisdom, click "Read More" below, and for the full-resolution version, click here to visit Penny Arcade.


The trouble is that I, well, like to play videogames, and I never turn down demos, even of games I have no intention of purchasing. This is a mechanical, largely automatic act. But I keep grabbing demos that have some umami, an inescapable flavor-taste that I enjoy far more than I ever intended to, and so these games must join the others on the heap.


We've only mentioned the big releases here - we haven't gone into portable or indie titles, where there are additional joys to be had. And by joys, I mean impossible choices. We chose to crack the month into discrete sectors, and then break down into task-oriented action cabals.  I pray it is enough. 


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I say "partially correct" because they managed to leave Gears of War 2, Call of Duty: World at War, and Red Alert 3 off of the "Play co-op" flow line. Bunk, I say...bollocks!


Source: Penny-arcade.com