Did You Save Up for Uncharted 3's Shade Survival DLC?
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Did You Save Up for Uncharted 3's Shade Survival DLC?

Soon to be available on the PlayStation Network, the 2nd to last DLC in the Fortune Hunter’s Club known as “Shade Survival Mode” will arrive come Tuesday for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

Like any other Survival game mode, Djinns will be attacking you wave after wave, progressively getting stronger as you go. However, there are only 8 rounds to the mode. That being said, this gametype should be no walk in the park, even for a veteran Uncharted player. Not only can the Djinns catch fire and teleport like normal (which is already a huge pain in the rear), but in the later stages they will become more strategic, sport armor for extended life, and boast even greater firepower, all to make your life even more a living hell. It will take the expert team work and communication of at least 2 other players to get past these deadly foes unscathed.

Check out what I mean below:

There are some good sides to sticking it out until the end, however, as sizable cash bonuses for completing the entire mode will be awarded to you, allowing for easy level ups and added strength for extra survival sessions.

New metals to collect and mission objectives to accomplish while playing will also be available in this DLC. For example, the newly added “Marked Man” objective will task you with killing a “marked” Djinn that will be highly protected by his companions. A hefty reward will come your way for slaying him. This, as well as the extra “treasure hunting” for new metals should keep you plenty satisfied until the last DLC hits the marketplace.

This mode by itself will cost you a mere $5.99, but if you have purchased the Fortunes High Club DLC pack, which costs $24.99 for all 14 DLC’s, you will be able to download Shade Survival Mode for free. Quite simply, this is the most cost efficient way to experience all of what Uncharted 3 has to offer.

Again, Uncharted 3: Shade Survival Mode DLC will be available on the PlayStation Network store on Tuesday, March 13th.

Source: Blog.us.playstation.com