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It's the Annual Call of Duty Season Pass Reveal Trailer

I remember a time before seasonal releases of Call of Duty games.  It was a time of diversity, a time when every other game was not a FPS.  However, that time has gone, perhaps shot dead during a multiplayer session on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.  We will never know the fate of these golden days, but with this trailer, we will know the contents of CoD 2014's Season Pass.

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Starhawk Officially Unveiled, Features a 4 Player Co-Op Mode

Lightbox Interactive to the wraps off the rumored Warhawk sequel today.  Starhawk though looks to change things up - instead of simply a "flying game in space" - Starwhawk mixes ground and vehicle combat with RTS elements while still maintaining the feel of the series.  For instance players can erect walls and defensive structures to alter battles as well as call in different vehicles through a Build and Battle menu.

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