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Penny Arcade DLC Attacks Dungeon Defenders
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Penny Arcade DLC Attacks Dungeon Defenders

PAX East DLC is available for Dungeon Defenders, free for visitors of the show

PAX East is coming, 6-8th April in Boston to be exact. Whilst some of the Co-Optimus crew will be going this year and even showing off their game, others will be forced to endure the snow that has just arrived in Britain. As well as better weather, another perk that visitors to PAX East  will get is some free Penny Arcade DLC for the Steam version of Dungeon Defenders, the rest of us will have to pay $1.99 for the privilege.

To access the DLC for free all you need to do is drop by the Reverb Publishing Booth (808) and demand one of the limited codes - or preferably ask nicely. The DLC will also be available to buy from Steam on Friday for those of us forced into family time, rather than fun with strangers.

The set contains:

Cardboard Tube Samurai (Gabe’s alter-ego – skin for the Monk Class)
Tycho (skin for the Squire Class)
Annarchy (skin for the Huntress Class)
Jim Darkmagic (skin for the Apprentice Class)


Source: Dungeondefenders.com