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Dungeon Defenders Crosses Platforms For Co-op, Shows Off Nvidia Phone Capabilities at CES
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Dungeon Defenders Crosses Platforms For Co-op, Shows Off Nvidia Phone Capabilities at CES

Finally looking at some cross-platforming action, Dungeon Defenders brought PC, Droid Phone, and PS3 players together at CES. Now, the Droid phone has to be pretty high powered to do something like playing in the same game as the PC and PS3 players, so Nvidia pitched in a bit to give this handheld device the boost it needed to keep up. Ripten takes a look at the specs while both Co-optimus and Ripten awe at the co-op capabilities.

  • The Tegra 2 super chip turbocharges the super phone category and brings a new wave of devices to life with never-before-seen experiences.
  • Dual-co ore ARM Cortex-A9 CPU – The world’s first mobile dual-core CPU for faster Web browsing, snappier response time and better overall performance.
  • * Ultra-lo ow powered (ULP) NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU – the ULPP GeForce GPU de elivers outstanding mobile 3D game playability and aa visually engaging, highly responsive 3D user interface
  • * 1080p Video Playback Processor – Watch 1080p HD movies stored on your mobile device on your HDTV, without compromising battery life.

This so-called super-phone performed well at CES when it was shown off along side a PS3 (with the PS Move going) and PC running the game without issue. The thing that set off the awe-o-meter would have to be that these three players were playing together and keeping up with one another.

To illustrate this, Nvidia brought out Trendy entertianment to show off their new action-RPG Dungeon Defenders – which runs on Unreal 3. First, they showed it being played on PC – then they showed it being played with PSMove and then they showed it being played on the LG Optimus 2X. What was even more impressive however, was the fact that all three players were in the same game. The PC, PS3 and Droid players were all in the same multiplayer game of Dungeon Defenders at the same time – playing with each other. Now, I don’t know about you – but I think that’s pretty damn cool.

Shiny new Superdroid phone with Unreal 3 capabilities? Also Dungeon Defenders? Also co-op cross platform? Where do I sign up? Oh right, this Optimus 2X (love that name) Droid phone requires a contract with Verizon and hasn’t been released to the general public just yet. Keep an eye out though, because console gaming on a handheld is huge.

For the rest of us, if Dungeon Defenders stays cross platform for its release in a few weeks - even with just PC and PS3, that’s also huge! I’d love to be able to play with my buddies, no matter where their gaming loyalties lie.

Source: Ripten.com