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New Trailer for Diablo 3's Demon Hunter Class
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New Trailer for Diablo 3's Demon Hunter Class

Today we have a nice little video featuring one of Diablo 3's range-based classes, the Demon Hunter. (Well, technically, it's IGN's video.) The video showcases a number of skills and abilities for the adventurer. Her special powers are fueled by Hatred and Discipline, so it sounds like she'd be a pretty neat date. Her "entangling shots" look like a valuable asset for co-op play.

Did someone say co-op play? Our Co-Op Character Focus article specifically detailing the Demon Hunter is a perfect accompaniment to the video. Check it out.

Diablo 3 supports four player online co-op and is only available on the PC, for now. It will launch on May 15th.

Source: Ign.com