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What Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Will Bring to Console Co-Op
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What Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Will Bring to Console Co-Op

Fantastic changes that feel natural for co-op gameplay.

The wait is over! Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition will be arriving tomorrow on current and last gen consoles. How do these versions differ from the previous installments, or from Reaper of Souls on PC, you might ask? Two trailers explain exactly what console gamers, specifically PS4 players, will have to look forward to in this version.

More than anything the developers wanted to make it perfectly clear to gamers that they didn't want to create a simple port of the game from last gen. To avoid this misconception, this game was completely optimized for the current generation, running at a buttery-smooth 1080p 60 FPS and providing a responsive control scheme to rival the PC. Players can select their character's inventories or skills menus with simply right or left click on the track pad, with small touch movements to easily circle the menus. Also, they added a small but much welcomed feature with the PS4 controller light bar. Depending on what color scheme your character is highlighted as, the light bar will match that color. This way, co-op players will have an easy time figuring out who's controller is theirs if needed.

The refinements to the co-op modes have also be taken seriously for this version. For one, all dropped loot will be available to all players in a game, as to avoid one player hogging all the treasure for themselves. Also, players will be able to bring their unique characters from their own game and play them on a different console. These characters are tied to your PSN ID's or Xbox One Gamertags so that no one can mess with your character. Some other featured additions include:

Mailing System

This gives players the ability to transfer their gold, materials, or items to anyone in their friends list (even if they aren't playing at the same time as you). Special gifts that only certain friends can open can also be sent via this system.

Nemesis Kill System

This is a pretty interesting mechanic where you're adventure can directly impact another player's without you being in their game. When you die to a monster within the game, that monster will upgrade into its "Nemesis" version and leave your game. Then, at random, that Nemesis monster will appear in a friend's game and try to take them out. If that player dies to the monster, the cycle will repeat again and again until someone defeats it. Once defeated, the player that killed the creature and the original player who started the Nemesis will get a rare item for the kill.

Apprentice System

Say you're a higher level than your friend who joins into your co-op game. The Apprentice system will boost their level temporarily to match your own for the duration of the game. Any loot they pick up will, however, match their original level so that they won't be able to use all the higher level items when they return to normal.


So, what do you all think of the changes? Are they enough to purchase this new version?