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Twisted Metal Unleashes Axel in a Free Downloadable Patch
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Twisted Metal Unleashes Axel in a Free Downloadable Patch

Hey all you Twisted Metal fans out there! It is my pleasure to inform you that the downright nasty character known as Axel will become available to all players with the free patch as of today!

Many players were disappointed to miss the chance at grabbing Axel early from pre-ordering the game, so now we’ll all have the chance to use him and his insanely large monster truck wheels to unleash some wicked carnage on the battlefield.

So, what does Axel offer you that Dollface or Mr. Grimm can’t? Simple: pure control of your surrounding area. Swarmed by enemies that relentlessly stay on your tail? Open up with Axel’s signature attack, Crowd Control, to mow them down completely, or just use your biggest assets and run them right over with his alternate special, War Wheel. You can also learn more about Axel and his (or any other character’s) vehicle’s strategies by heading on over to the Twisted Metal University page over at to gain the upper hand on your opponents. The more people that test drive this game, the more feedback that the developers get in trying to improve the game. So make sure to download the free patch and give Axel a spin around an online multiplayer match or two.

Last bit of Twisted Metal news for the day, it seems that Sweet Tooth’s appearance in the game Starhawk was stated way back in January, but we never got the chance to see him in action, until now that is! Check out Needles Kane in his Outcast form, probably his most terrifying yet, in this brand new video:


Just remember that if you’re interesting in buying Starhawk, that every copy of Twisted Metal will include a code for Sweet Tooth’s Outcast multiplayer skin. And who wouldn’t want the chance to look like him come Starhawk’s launch day of May 8th?