Scotland Yard

  • Online Co-Op: 6 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 6 Players
Allo Allo Allo, What Have we got Here? Scotland Yard iOS
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Allo Allo Allo, What Have we got Here? Scotland Yard iOS

Classic co-op boardgame Scotland Yard comes to iOS

For denizens of co-op boardgames, Scotland Yard is a name that should have crossed their path.  It is a classic game in which up to 5 co-op partners play police officers as they hunt for the mysterious Mr X around London.  The boardgame is a co-op experience for most of the players, except for Mr X who must run on his own.  The new Scotland Yard iOS for iPad and iPhone aims to remedy this and can be played pure co-op if 5 players chose to go up against the Mr X AI.

Currently available on iTunes App Store for $4.99, Scotland Yard can be played locally, via Bluetooth or via game center.  With the option to have the AI control any number of players, the game can be a tailor made co-op experience depending on how many of you are around.

If you are unable to comprehend exactly what this Scotland Yard game is all about, Ravensburger Digital have created a cheesy video that explains all, and makes it look slightly less cooler a game than it actually is:


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