Halo 4

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Pre-order Halo 4 Through Select Retailers and Receive Special Armor/Weapon Skins
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Pre-order Halo 4 Through Select Retailers and Receive Special Armor/Weapon Skins

Halo 4’s fall release is quickly approaching, and online retail stores are updating their pages for in-game, pre-order bonuses for specific stores. Gathered together by All Games Beta, pictures of all of the content we’ll be seeing for preorder will come in the form of wicked weapons and awesome armor skins.

Anyone who has played a Halo game before knows that armor customization is half of its gaming appeal. While this isn't entirely true, it is still a big feature to the games that many players are curious to know about. Maybe it's about having your Spartan stand out from the rest, having that huge desire to show off your individuality online. Either way, it's a hot commodity Halo fans want to know about and should know about before preordering the game. Want to see what you'll get through pre-ordering Halo 4? Currently featured in non-limited edition versions, here’s a quick list of all the pre-order bonus items, with exclusive pictures found on All Games Beta.com:

  • GameStop (US): Forest Armor skin
  • GameStop (Canada): Forest Armor skin and Arctic Weapon skin
  • Amazon: Web Armor skin
  • Play.com (UK): Deadeye Helmet skin

With all the popularity of Call of Duty's weapon skin loadouts these days, it seems that 343 Industries has caught on to this modern gaming trend and including weapon skins in a Halo title for the first time ever (smart move, in our opinion). Furthermore, we expect that there will also be some form of announcement involving a bigger pre-order deal (one more common across all retail) in the near future.

With E3 2012 a little over a week away, you can expect to see Halo 4 make a big impact on the show. Again, if you haven’t already marked your calendar, Halo 4 will be arriving on store shelves this November 6th.

Source: G4tv.com