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Rayman Legends Features 5 Player Co-Op On WiiU
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Rayman Legends Features 5 Player Co-Op On WiiU

WiiU adds another player into the Rayman mix

Ubisoft's Press Conference at E3 2012 illustrated what a talented studio they are, especially when they are pushing the boundaries of technology by being the first to show a live demo of the WiiU this year. Rayman Legends was the piece that caught our eye with 5 player co-op that will be using the unique WiiU Gamepad controller.

Charming as always Rayman Legends definitely takes what Rayman Origins did right with the music, art, and charm. It will be very cool to see how well the tablet controller integrates with the game, as we saw from the live demo the person holding the WiiU Gamepad acted as an assist character that could move platforms for the players doing the actual running and jumping. Another level had the Gamepad player hitting specific spots on teh screen in time with the music, that created quite the symphony and added another interesting aspect to the co-op. It is a curious use of the only next generation console that we have seen, and the armless wonder is a great place to showcase more additions to co-op play.

Color us excited beacuse Rayman is one of the best 4 player couch co-op games that will gaurantee laughs, smiles, and cheers. Legends will add one more to the mix for even more ridiculous shenanigans in the beautiful world of Rayman. No date has been given to Rayman Legends, but we will most likely hear more when information about the WiiU comes out of Nintendo's Press Conference tomorrow.