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It has....begun!

[E3 2018] - The Press Conference Schedule

E3 2018 kicks off this Saturday...yes Saturday, with the normal lead up press conferences. Electronic Arts is first out of the gate and we'll be hosting the streams right here on our website. Below is the entire press conference schedule with convinient links to watch on your favorite streaming service. The staff will likely be chatting it up in our Discord if you'd like to talk about all the co-op reveals!

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Blizzard reveals the female Necromancer and six new Necromancer skills

New Info on Diablo 3's Necromancer Plus Hands-On Impressions (PAX East 2017)

At PAX East 2017, I attended a special press event for Diablo 3 (D3) on the Necromancer. While the Rise of the Necromancer was already announced at BlizzCON 2016, this press event revealed details on the female necromancer model as well as a whole new set of Necromancer skills. I also had the chance to go hands-on with the female Necromancer and he...

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Mike, Nick, and Locke share their thoughts and impressions

E3 2013 - Press Conference Video Recaps

Day 2 of E3 2013 is well underway and the news about new games, or new details about previously announced games, just keeps coming. Amidst all this, we're going to take a quick break to look back at some of the big press conferences that kicked everything off. Locke, Mike, and Nick offer up their impressions and takes on everything in stunning Ultravision video format! Ok, it's just some regular videos uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy!

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What Will You Do With the Wii U?

E3 2012: Nintendo Press Conference Predictions and Afterthoughts Video

Nintendo was all about the Wii U this year, showing off the capability of the system and the software to back it up. Since Mike was up super early to make it to the press conference and get his Miyamoto street pass Locke and Nick gave their predictions on what Nintendo would bring. Mike and Andrew follow up with their thoughts on the presentation in the video below. 

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