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Retrovirus Starts Kickstarter Campaign, Shows Off Gameplay Footage
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Retrovirus Starts Kickstarter Campaign, Shows Off Gameplay Footage

Cadenza Interactive  will be joining the likes of Crate Entertainment, Double Fine, and countless others as they seek some additional funding for their upcoming "six-axis" co-op shooter, Retrovirus. In a press release sent to us, Dylan Barker, one of Cadenza's designers, let us know that they're officially hopping on the Kickstarter bandwagon, and they've got at least one reward tier that's geared towards the co-op loving gamer.

In addition to the Kickstarter announcement, Cadenza also release the first gameplay footage we've seen so far. In it we see a first-person shooter that's very reminiscent of Descent and even, to a degree, Doom. There's a very '90s feel to the whole thing that I enjoy. The full press release and trailer can be found after the break.

June 8th, 2012

TUSTIN, CA - Cadenza Interactive today announced the beginning of a Kickstarter campaign for its previously announced Descent-inspired six-axis shooter, Retrovirus. With the game two years into development, potential backers will be able to see a newly released alpha gameplay trailer to get a feel for the project they are supporting.

Should the Kickstarter campaign prove successful, Cadenza will be able to release their Paragon design tool to the public as the game is released, enabling the community to immediately begin modding Retrovirus into their own six-axis adventure. Cadenza has been running a successful series of development livestreams, video of which can be seen on

Kickstarter funding will also enable the Cadenza team to finish Retrovirus with all of the planned content, and an expanded Kickstarter-exclusive closed beta for both the game and the tools. With an expanded beta, Cadenza will be able to take feedback on the game and tools directly from fans and early adopters as the game heads for launch.

Retrovirus is a six-axis shooter, giving players freedom of movement and environments built for off-the-ground combat. In Retrovirus, players take on the role of an antivirus program in a fierce battle against a viral invader in a stylized software environment reminiscent of Tron and Reboot.