• Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes
Cadenza Interactive Announces Retrovirus, Tech-Themed Co-Op Shooter
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Cadenza Interactive Announces Retrovirus, Tech-Themed Co-Op Shooter

PC and XBox Live Indie Gamers may remember a little title a couple years back called Sol Survivor, a cooperative tower-defense game that helped to kick-off the Indie-Ana Co-Op feature. The studio responsible for that game's development, Cadenza Interactive, has announced today that they are releasing their second title. Retrovirus, a "six degrees of freedom" shooter, will include an entirely cooperative campaign mode in addition to a few other multiplayer modes that, we can only hope, will also be cooperative in nature. Full details can be found after the bump.

From Cadenza's press release:

Cadenza Interactive to Release a Modern 6 Degrees of Freedom Shooter for PC

SANTA ANA -- Nov. 14th, 2011 -- Cadenza Interactive, creators of the PC and Xbox tower defense game Sol Survivor, today announced its second title, Retrovirus. Retrovirus will bring a modern take on the classic six degrees of freedom shooter to the PC.

Players will enjoy an action-oriented shooter focused on movement along six axes, in a world designed for indoor flight. Retrovirus will put players in control of an advanced anti-virus program within the game world, putting them up to the task of cleaning a dangerous infection from a single computer which hosts the game’s setting. In addition to a challenging, story-driven single player campaign, Retrovirus will deliver cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for group play. Features:

  • Modernized six degrees of freedom controls, designed for fluidity and stability
  • Expansive game world built to challenge players with puzzles, combat and exploration
  • Unique weapon system challenges players to combine weapon effects for damage and defense
  • Decision-oriented AI that allows enemies to work together to protect objectives--and each other
  • Customizable skill and weapon load-outs for a variety of play styles in single and multiplayer modes
  • Campaign cooperative mode: play the campaign with a friend!
  • Fast-paced competitive multiplayer

Retrovirus is in the pre-Alpha stages, with a release date to be announced. Alongside the announcement of Retrovirus, Cadenza is also happy to be releasing developer blogs, production renders, concept art and other Retrovirus content for curious fans and media at the new and improved

To go along with the release announcment, we've got a handful of concept and current in-game renderings that can be found in the gallery below. The idea certainly seems like a solid one and, based off the description and screens, harkens back to games like the mid to late 90s Descent titles on the PC. Given how well Cadenza initially implemented, and then improved upon, the co-op in their first title, we certainly have high hopes for this one.