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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

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Wear the Skin of a Creeper in Approaching Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Update
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Wear the Skin of a Creeper in Approaching Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Update

Now, I know that we stated before that Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Microsoft wouldn’t be charging anyone for updates (which they won’t). If you want to diversify yourselves from the normal 8 skins available during co-op, however, this is your chance to be stand out!

The new release of 1.7.3 Title Update will be filled with a number of features, mainly shears to allow harvesting of plant life or gather sheep wool, stackable fences, and pistons to add some new building mechanics into play. But one of the main features players want to see is the ability to customize skins for their in-game avatars. Unfortunately, I’m not here to tell you that’s what you’ll be granted. Instead, Microsoft will be giving us the opportunity to purchase (I know, it’s a drag) the "Skin Pack 1" DLC with 40 different looks to choose from.

If purchasing skins isn’t in the cards for you, a trial version of the "Skin Pack 1" with fewer skin options will be available for free download (this also gives you the opportunity to see all of the other skins available before purchasing them). Among the 40 skin variants, the 5 free skins available are (from left to right):


  • Creeper Man: Sneak up on your unsuspecting co-op partners and start hissing into the microphone to give them another reason to fear the mighty Creeper.


  • Covenant Grunt: For all of you die-hard Halo fans out there.


  • The King: A Minecraft favorite. Now you can look like the king of your virtual castle. Or look somewhat like another creeper we’ve come to love.


  • ‘Splosion Man: Basically the distant cousin of the Creeper, but looks more like a streaker.


  • Trials Man: If you’d rather not hide your face with a pumpkin.

Currently, only one player can boast a single of the 8 preset skins in any given world at a time. However, this patch will allow multiple people wanting to look like a Creeper, a King, or any of the other skins at the same time.

No current date has been set for both the free update or the DLC Skin Pack, but 4J Studios has stated on their Twitter that these additions should be arriving around early July. We’ll be sure to see a lot more activity on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition once these skins add some extra personality to the game, without a doubt.