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Beyond Co-Op: July 8-14, 2012
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Beyond Co-Op: July 8-14, 2012

Sonic, JoJo, Marvel vs. Capcom, and more

Time for another delightful installment of Beyond Co-Op, where we tell you about all the non-cooperative news that matters. Anything else that happened last week was just white noise! This week we got some fun announcements coming out of Comic-Con, a slew of fighting game news, and a Kickstarter campaign that might just shake up the games industry.

New Playstation 3 hardware revision likely

Playstation 3 revision

If the photographs from a Brazilian blog are to be believed, Sony has a new Playstation 3 revision coming up. We can see what appears to be a top-loading Blu-Ray drive and smaller hardware footprint, both designed to reduce costs late in the console's lifespan. Sony's mum on the subject for now, but don't be surprised if this thing ends up on store shelves for the holidays.
Source: Joystiq

Deadpool gets his own game

Whaddaya know, the merc with a mouth finally gets a chance to stand in the limelight. 20th Century Fox has been mulling over a Deadpool film ever since the character's dreadful rape appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but the movie has yet to materialize. Activision and High Moon Studios don't share Fox's trepidation, hence Wade Wilson will be coming to consoles sometime in the near future.
Source: The Verge

Sonic Adventure 2 remake officially announced

Not too long ago, news of Sonic Adventure 2 coming to XBLA and PSN leaked onto the net. The leak showed the game running in widescreen, unlike the previous port of the original Sonic Adventure. Today at Sonic Boom 2012 SEGA made the remake official while also poking fun at their recent spate of leaks. I don't know about you guys, but I'm already pumped to play as Sonic and Shadow again while dreading the horrid Knuckles and Rouge stages.
Source: XBLAFans

The first Android-based console, Ouya succeeds in its Kickstarter financing


Kickstarter has been used for many purposes, but this is the first successful funding of a brand-new console that I'm aware of. The Ouya will also be the first Android-based game system, exclusively playing downloadable or streaming games. Each title must offer some free content, whether it be a demo or making the entire game freemium. The system will cost only $99, making it affordable to curious folks like myself. The Kickstarter has already pulled in over $4 million, more than four times its original goal. Will it change the face of the industry or quickly be forgotten after release? Only time will tell!
Source: Kickstarter

Rapid-fire fighting game news

Three fighting game releases to look forward to:

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD coming to XBLA and PSN
Nobody thought it would happen, but the Dreamcast/CPS III-classic fighter based on the manga of the same name is coming to consoles once more. Capcom promises upgraded HD visuals, but at a price: the game will cost 1600 MS Points/$20.
Source: Capcom Unity

Street Fighter Anniversary Collector's Set on PS3 gets extra goodies

The Street Fighter Anniversary Collector's Set will contain plenty of Street Fighter goodness on both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. But the Playstation 3 version's deck is stacked a fair bit higher, as it includes downloadable versions of all three Street Fighter Alpha PSOne ports as well as Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max for PSP. I'm not canceling my Xbox 360 preorder (got a sweet deal), but lopsided releases always leave somebody feeling a bit cheated.

Source: Silicon Era

Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins coming to XBLA and PSN in September

This collection of Capcom classics Marvel Superheroes and the first Marvel vs. Capcom actually got announced on July 5, but we didn't talk about it then so we're saying it now. Plus my interview with the porting team at Iron Galaxy Studios, who also handled Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, just went up today.

Source: Capcom Unity