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Awesomenauts Steams Onto PC
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Awesomenauts Steams Onto PC

The PC version of Awesomenauts has finally arrived courtesy of Steam

Like a modern day Nostradamus, Co-Optimus prides itself on being able to predict the future.  A while back we had a powerful vision that the 3 player co-op game Awesomenauts would make its way onto PC and this has come to pass courtesy of Steam.

You can purchase the game in one of three ways:

standalone game $9.99

game with the soundtrack $11.99

three-pack $19.98

The version available is PC only as of now, but the Co-Optimus crystal ball is telling us that a Steam Mac version should be on the way shortly.  Awesomenauts received a stellar 4 out of 5 in our co-op review so will be worth checking out for PC fans, especially as their version will have some added extras that the XBLA crowd did not get.




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