Happy Wars Brings Comic Relief to Large-Scale Warfare and XBLA This Year
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Happy Wars Brings Comic Relief to Large-Scale Warfare and XBLA This Year

One of the best looking Summer Preview games for the XBLA: Happy Wars chooses to make massive warfare have a more comical approach in gameplay.

Choosing from 3 different character classes (Warrior, Cleric, or Mage), your main objective is to battle through enemy territory, construct respawn towers until you can storm their main base, and then destroy their main tower for victory. Much like any MOBA game these days, such as League of Legends or Awesomenauts, ToyLogic's Happy Wars is about taking over enemy territory through sheer tactics and strategy. Made for massive battles, Happy Wars will allow up to a whopping 30 players per online game.

In Co-Op mode, players will be able to fight together to defeat waves of various NPC clans, such as The Zombies and The Killer Tomatoes. Whether you want to take your fight to grassy plains, worlds of darkness, or even the bottom of the sea floor, magical spells and various types of siege equipment can be used to help raid their bases and achieve glorious wins for your team.

• The Warrior pushes up the front lines with a sword and shield, the Cleric offers healing and support, and the Mage clears the battlefield with massive magical spells. Choose a class to suit your teams’ strategic needs - or just what you like doing today!

• Teammates can gather to launch tide-turning Team Skills, calling down meteors and tornadoes or charging the enemy in a massive rush.

• Using parts earned in the game, players can outfit their characters to look cute, funny, or boldly unique. Items can also be combined with each other to improve their effectiveness or generate unique items! Countless equipment combinations and customization options with customization parts and items released regularly online!

• Use the Ballista, Cannon, Battering Ram, and other tools to turn the tide of battle in your favor!

If you’re a fan of massive online multiplayer games, then Happy Wars will fit the bill quite nicely for you. Just make sure to bring a lot of your buddies along for the fight.

No official release date or price has been announced for Happy Wars, but it is stated to arrive sometime this year. Please be sure to visit the official Happy Wars website for future details.

Source: Playxbla.com