See How Rayman Legends Should be Played with the Wii U
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See How Rayman Legends Should be Played with the Wii U

Controls more crazy than the chracters

With Rayman Origins being one of the best local co-op titles this generation, excitement is high for the sequel, Rayman Legends.  The game is planned for release across most platforms, but the leading version is coming to Wii U.  Rayman Legends will make heavy use the touch screen controller, even when playing in co-op.  Check out the new trailer to get a feel for the controls.

Legends is a 4 player local co-op game that will allow players to use a mixture of controls.  Some players can use the traditional Wiimote and Nunchuck, whilst at least one lucky so and so will handle the new touch controller.  The trailer shows mock footage of one player using the touch controller in two player co-op.  It looks intuative and great fun, but whether in reality this method will actually be better than traditional thumbsticks is another thing.

If Rayman Legends can keep up the barmy entertainment of the first game, it won't matter how you control the characters as the game will be immense.  See the trailer below for some Rayman action:





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