Soul Sacrifice

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Help Your Co-Op Buddies From Beyond the Grave in Soul Sacrifice
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Help Your Co-Op Buddies From Beyond the Grave in Soul Sacrifice

New details have emerged about Soul Sacrifice

Twas All Hallows' Eve, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even an undead mouse.  If Halloween teaches us anything, dressing up as the undead is great fun, new details about the PSVita 4 player co-op title Soul Sacrifice, suggests that playing the dead can be just as fun.

The latest details for the online portion of the game have come via a translation from the native Japanese.  I've checked my Japanese to Spanish to German to English Dictionary and all the information seems present and correct:


Neighbouring attacks, long distance attacks, indirect magic, recovery magic, rescue, sacrifice, etc.

Every option is related to a player’s level and changes the play style, which in turn changes the story’s outcome.

Abilities can be gained when a sorcerer gives an offering.

Offerings can be discovered with the “mind’s eye.” They can help you make new weapons and protective gear. You can increase the number of times you use offerings.

When you use the mind’s eye technique, the graphics change to thermo-graphic visuals that reveal your enemy’s weak spots.

After death.  If you die, you’re given three choices: “Call for help,” “become a sacrifice,” or “choose death.”  If you opt for death, you become a spirit and can continue fighting with support (by touching comrades and enemies on screen) but you cannot attack.

The details are bullet point heavy, but thankfully vg247 have distilled the information a little better.  The death mechanic seems to be the most exciting prospect in the game as there is more than one way to skin a zombie cat.  You can choose to wait for help from a co-op pal, sacrifice yourself to inflict mega damage, or simply die.

However, dying is never that simple, so rather than being Game Over, you will return as a friendly ghost.  Unlike Casper you will not be able to inflict damage directly on the enemy, but you will be able to bolster your allies and perhaps heal them.

Soul Sacrifice is looking like one of the most in-depth co-op experiences coming to the PSVita, so may well be worth checking out in the New Year.