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Max Payne 3 Co-Op Mode DLC Finally Gets a Release Date
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Max Payne 3 Co-Op Mode DLC Finally Gets a Release Date

Rockstar Games has kept an airtight seal on MP3's co-op mode, until now.

Remember that promised co-op mode for Max Payne 3? Heck, we almost forgot about it too. Well get ready folks, because we finally have the official release date and it’s much closer than expected.

The Max Payne 3 co-op mode was supposed to be available to play almost immediately after release back in May, and then again this past summer. Almost 10 months later, the DLC pack known as the, “Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack”, will arrive this January 22nd on all major platforms. Other than adding a new co-op mode to the game’s repertoire, a bunch of competitive modes and some additional multiplayer mode content will be included as well. Unfortunately, there is very little detail on the co-op mode revealed by Rockstar Games thus far, which is strange because it’s so near to release (we guess a few more days of waiting couldn’t hurt). The revealed picture below includes Max and Passos looking to kick some gangsta ass together is all we got.

Again, we are happy to say that the “Deathmatch Made in Heaven” DLC Pack will go live in North America on January 22nd, going for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and $10 on PlayStation 3 and PC. European gamers will have to wait a bit longer to grab the pack, arriving for them on January 30th. Remember that this content will be free of charge to all owners of a Rockstar Pass.