BattleBlock Theater

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes
BattleBlock Theater Beta Access Giveaway
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BattleBlock Theater Beta Access Giveaway

We are all just prisoners...

It wasn't so long ago we told you about a beta that was going to be taking place for BattleBlock Theater, The Behemoth's next co-op game coming to Xbox Live Arcade.  As we mentioned, this beta test actually has a set of scheduled tests and tasks to complete - it's not just a glorified demo.  That said it's still a great way to get a feeling for just what kind of game BattleBlock Theater is and a great way to test the two player local or online co-op mode.

The beta is going to be extremely limited and not everyone will get access to it.  Luckily, Co-Optimus is here for you, as we've been tasked with giving away 10 guaranteed spots into the beta. 

Here are the details:


  • The beta won't be immediately available upon winning, it'll launch closer to Spring.
  • If you win, you'll still be required to adhere to Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, NDA, Beta Testing Task List and fullfill the following requirements: Age 13+, have a working Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE Gold account, and Behemoth forums account.   More details are in the official FAQ.
  • You'll still need to fill out the beta sign-up form on the Behemoth website.  Make note of what email and name you used to sign up with - we'll need that if you are chosen on Co-Optimus.

So how do you win access from Co-Optimus?  Since the entire "cast" of BattleBlock Theater are technically prisoners - we want to know what you did to get yourself locked up.  Leave your crime in the comments below and we'll randomly pick 10 winners after the contest closes on Friday, February 1st at 11:59EST.

Good luck!