Legend of Dungeon

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
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Legend of Dungeon Combines Roguelike and Beat-Em-Up
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Legend of Dungeon Combines Roguelike and Beat-Em-Up

And more dynamic lighting than a Prince concert

As of this moment, Legend of Dungeon is available to purchase. The 2.5D sidescrolling roguelike takes a page from old school brawlers like Double Dragon and wraps everything in a moody, dynamically-lit RPG shell, complete with randomly generated content. The result is a challenging and great-looking game that throws everything at you from snakes to crawling things that latch onto your face.

Your quest: get down to the 26th floor and find that so-called secret treasure. The obstacles: countless dungeon critters, mad bosses, maze-like passageways, and the fact that when you die, you're really done for, just like a dungeon crawler of old. But since there's plenty of loot and leveling-up along the way, it's a great jaunt through the catacombs, no matter how long it takes you to kick the bucket.

Co-op in Legend of Dungeon is limited to four player local play. Developer RobotLovesKitty says including online co-op wasn't practical for this release, but when it's time to start working on a sequel, it's going in from day one.

Legend of Dungeon is currently in "nearly beta" mode, but the product is perfectly playable and ready to entertain. It's available for Windows, Mac and Linux and will soon be released for Android and OUYA as well.

Source: Robotloveskitty.com