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Play with up to 4 players on consoles, one of whom gets to be a werewolf.

Mayhem Brawler Gets New Character, 4-Player Co-op, and Special Edition iiRcade Cabinet

Since launching last Fall, developer Hero Concept's beat 'em up, Mayhem Brawler, has already received several updates. The latest update adds a fourth playable character, the ability to replay cleared stages, and a revamped Arcade mode. Given that Mayhem Brawler is available on iiRcade in addition to consoles and PC, iiRcade is al...

by John Bardinelli 3
  • couch
And more dynamic lighting than a Prince concert

Legend of Dungeon Combines Roguelike and Beat-Em-Up

As of this moment, Legend of Dungeon is available to purchase. The 2.5D sidescrolling roguelike takes a page from old school brawlers like Double Dragon and wraps everything in a moody, dynamically-lit RPG shell, complete with randomly generated content. The result is a challenging and great-looking game that throws everything at you from snakes to crawling things that latch onto your face.

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  • Xbox Live Arcade
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Those jerks in Gore Quaffer are going down!

Charlie Murder Trailer Shares Developer Insights, Gameplay Footage

Still hard at work on their punk rock-inspired brawler/RPG Charlie Murder, Ska Studios recently released a trailer teasing some more information about the upcoming co-op XBLA game. Introduced and narrated by a dishwasher and a unicorn, the trailer shares some behind the scenes info on the game's development, including new tidbits about customizable clothing and character upgrades via tattoos. Quite a bit of gameplay footage is also shown.

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