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Beautiful Mech Combat Coming To Nintendo Switch

Daemon X Machina Gets A New Trailer and Co-Op Confirmation

In a new trailer shown during the most recent Nintendo Direct, the wonderfully stylish Daemon X Machina displays its unique art design and breathtaking action. While there is a trailer with details, Nintendo of America’s official website does provide written details as well stating that Daemon X Machina is set to feature multiplayer modes - both local and online - when it launches at an unannounced date in 2019, although at this time it is only clear that there will be online co-op.

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Our top picks for couch co-op games that are available on GOG

Co-Optimus\' Best of GOG: Couch Co-Op Games

While there’s certainly advantages to living in a gaming era that emphasizes online co-op, couch co-op games will always hold a special place in many of our hearts. Therefore, we (the folks at Co-Optimus) were extremely pleased when the recently released Nex Machina brought back this nostalgic experience in fine form. As a game developed with...

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The next great arcade shooter that feels like that other great arcade shooter

Nex Machina Co-Op Review

Nex Machina is the next twin-stick shooter from developer Housemarque. Rather than a solo effort, they’ve teamed up with Eugene Jarvis, the developer behind classic game Robotron 2084. Housemarque’s pedigree of arcade action shooters includes the likes of Super Stardust, Dead Nation, and Resogun - bringing a powerhouse of old and new ga...

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Break out the 3.5 inch floppies.

Co-Op Shmup 1993 Space Machine Releases, Only 23 Years Late!

1993 Space Machine was actually made in 1993. Designer Krister Karlsson and team had everything almost ready to go, but the game never got a release. You know, there was all that drama with repairing the Hubble Space Telescope, and Seinfeld was getting pretty good around then. But now, over two decades later, it's time to revisit the past. And you don't even need to break out that Amiga!

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Cry havoc and let slip the Tetris pieces of war

Defend Your Land and Blow Up Your Neighbors in Castle Chaos

This indie title slipped off our radar last fall, but it hadn't been forgotten, Castle Chaos is a local multiplayer game for up to four people, or you can team up with friends to take down A.I. enemies. Anyone who remembers Rampart from the olden days of gaming may find the title's action quite familiar. Build up your castle using "Tetris-like" pieces, place some cannons inside, and blow up your neighbor.

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Put on your snowboots this winter before your journey through Hiberheim.

Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition Now Available on Mac, Linux, and SteamOS

Those of us without a Windows OS will finally have the chance to delve into the world of Source Hunting alone or with a companion. If you haven't already played, Divinity:Original Sin - Enhanced Edition is an isometric turn based RPG with an incredibly in depth story, versatile skill progression that does not restrict you to one class, and a large, vibrant world to explore. You can choose to play on your Steam Box, or with a Linux or Mac OS. The availability of cross-platform multiplayer will provide a flood of new allies, whether this is your first play through or you are a seasoned veteran.

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