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Online casino games you can play with a friend


Online casino games you can play with a friend

These days, virtually any form of entertainment is available to us through the internet, online casinos have managed to retain and even increase their popularity. These sites give people the opportunity to play every kind of casino game without having to leave their homes and enjoy the unique thrill that only gambling is able to provide. They also offer the potential to share that buzz with one or more friends.


How the rise of mobile gaming is affecting things

The rise of mobile gaming has produced a raft of games that can be played with friends, e.g. cross-platform multiplayer titles like Spaceteam and Words with Friends. Mobile gaming is growing at a remarkable pace, with a study published by MediaKix earlier this year finding that by 2023 this market will have grown by 60 percent in comparison to now. Furthermore, the actual customer base for mobile games will have risen to more than 2.7 billion, from its current level of 2.2 billion, within the next couple of years. Sites offering the best online casino games like are now displaying mobile options as well, and all the indications are that playing mobile casino and other types of mobile games with friends will be a big part of the gaming future.

Mobile makes it easier still for players to team up in a game, as it means they do not even have to be in the same room at the time for it to be possible. By contrast it is precisely the feeling of being in a shared space while playing online casino that can make it a fun way to game with friends. Sitting in front of a shared screen will allow a group of close friends to enjoy a game of roulette together without having to be up against each other in the game. Friends can even enhance the sense of working together as a team by each taking a turn deciding which number and colour to bet on during a game of roulette. 


Playing casino games with friends

Many of the games that are found at online casinos are ones that friends can take part in together – after all, the poker night has long been something of a tradition among men. Online casinos simply allow people to play a virtual version of poker together rather than sitting around a table dealing out cards and that has had the effect of introducing the idea of the poker evening to a younger, internet-savvy generation of men. Nor is poker the only casino choice that friends can play together, as roulette is also a game that easily lends itself to friends playing against each other. These are not team games, but rather ones that will see friends compete instead of co-operate to secure a winning result. However there are casino games that work on a team principle.


What are co-op slots?

When thinking of casino games that work for groups of players, people do not generally think of slot machines. Indeed, these are seen as the epitome of the solo gambling activity, thanks to images of dedicated slot machine players in Las Vegas casinos oblivious to everything but the reels in front of them. It is just that idea of slots games as solitary that casinos are trying to get away from by introducing community slots that enable people to play and try to win a payout as a team rather than on their own. Now this idea is being developed further with the aid of technology to create something called online co-op slots and these essentially fall into three different categories.


Single player slots featuring chat rooms

This type of online community slot playing is really just the traditional solo slot experience, but with the addition of a chat room that enables the player to talk to any friends who are also using the site. Or the player could meet a new friend interested in online casino, while they try to get a winning line-up on one of their reels. This can undoubtedly help to make what can be a fairly isolated form of casino gambling into something more sociable, but it does not actually involve playing together.


Multiplayer tournaments 

These are events where slot players compete directly against one another to win the jackpot prizes, but again do not really offer the chance to play alongside friends rather than against them.

Community slots

The final type of online co-op slot game is community slots, which offer a balance between the other two types. Here the slot players compete in the same room and are able to witness each other’s tactics, but if one of the players activates the bonus game on their slot, everyone joins forces to target the jackpot. This is then divided between each player if they win it, bringing the ‘co-operative’ aspect to the fore in a way that doesn’t happen with the other types.

There are a lot of different ways to play favourite online casino games with friends, from community slots games mixing competition and co-operation, to playing online roulette together. The rise of mobile gaming is making group play even more accessible by taking away the need to be in the same physical space, so it will continue to grow in popularity.


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