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CCV: Of Xenomorphs and Men (My Most Anticipated Game of 2012)


I'm a huge fan of four player online co-op. I'm a huge fan of Gearbox. I'm a huge fan of Borderlands. All that being said, you would think that my most anticipated game of the year is Borderlands 2. While that's definitely high up on my radar, there is another game moving across my motion tracker that draws my attention more. That game is Aliens: Colonial Marines.

On paper, Aliens: Colonial Marines seems like a perfect game for many people. It's set in the Aliens universe, and I don't think there are many out there who can say "oh man, the Alien movies sucked!" If they are talking about the new-fangled Aliens vs. Predator movies that's one thing, but if you watched and hated Alien or Aliens then you've probably got a chest buster stuck in your brain somewhere. Luckily A:CM will take place between the second and third film so there's no need to worry about Predator-Aliens running amuck in your game. 

Now let's talk about the details. A:CM is a four player campaign co-op full of xenomorph-hunting fun. Add in the fact that the four characters are of different "classes" and have different weapons at their disposal and you and three buddies will have a heck of a time. If you ask me, four is the magic number for online co-op, in that it should be the lowest number. I hate games that only offer two or three player co-op because chances are you might not be able to play with all your friends at once. With four players you get a good-sized group and shouldn't have to worry about someone being left behind. 

Then there's the company. The folks at Gearbox are the masterminds behind Borderlands, which is also a four player co-op franchise. If you played Borderlands you know they did a heck of a job creating a game where four distinct characters could work together across an entire campaign. Now just imagine that kind of co-op experience set in the Aliens franchise (though I'm guess there will be less of an RPG feel to it, if there is any at all) can't go wrong! Oh, and don't let the constant delay in release date scare's worth it in the end. Instead of rushing out a pile of shovelware, Gearbox is taking the time to make sure they deliver the best quality game they can. I'll gladly wait an extra six months if it means that my dream Aliens game will finally come true!

Oh, and though I hate to mention it, HAVE YOU SEEN THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION?! The piece de resistance is the awesome model of a power loader doing battle with an xenomorph queen. As long as the price is right, this might just be the first time I purchase a Collector's Edition!

So let's recap. You have a four player online co-op FPS set in the Aliens universe by the team that brought you Borderlands. So grab your machine guns, flame throwers, motion trackers and power loaders, and get ready to join your buddies for some xenomorph stomping action. Just remember, in space, only your three friends can hear you scream...