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The game features a pretty extensive map creation system that lets you tweak existing levels, or make your very own

Co-Optimus: When was the decision made to include user-generated maps? Are you worried about the type of map submissions you may get? For example, maps that may include some dubious depictions of certain organs.

Beau: We always wanted to include them, and in fact we have many more plans to expand the usability of user generated maps. With co-op being as important as it is to us, we felt that user should be able to create their own content--we encourage it! Map contests are a start, but we would like to integrate user maps into online, as well. The thought of anatomy based maps hasn’t really crossed my mind, but I guess if it was well constructed, I would look forward to the biological refresher ;)

Co-Optimus: Are there plans in place to provide additional support for the game, either DLC or free content packs, after its release? Any additional game modes you all are considering?

Jesse: At this point we’re very much on the fence about the whole DLC trend. We absolutely plan to provide free updates and support for Wyv and Keep for forever, but we mostly don’t see the point of paid DLC. We don’t like the idea of charging users for simple things that should have been included in the first place (see: Marvel vs. Capcom 3, or... well, most recent AAA games). So what you’ll likely see from us are free updates with online game modes we might not be able to get into the first release, like, say, a tournament mode where four or eight teams compete side by side for the fastest time (though we hope to get this in for the first release!). We’re not opposed to more traditional expansion packs and/or sequels, but we’d want to make sure to include tons of new content - enough to warrant another purchase! If we really need the cash, maybe some super-exclusive hats? ;)

Everybody loves hats

Co-Optimus: What’s been your favorite moment in the game so far as you’ve been playing and testing it?

Beau: As the lead tester, my favorite moments have come from the strange, strange circumstances we ran across while testing. There have been a host of laugh-out-loud bugs as different objects were thrown together in different ways. Totem poles of objects picked up, armies of snakes held aloft, unexpected teleportations into the bowels of Earth. I’m a fanatic when it comes to breaking games--including my own :)

Jesse: Since Beau designed all the levels (except for one or two of mine!) and wrote all of the dialog, I have been able to experience and enjoy the game much as one of our players will. He’s made me laugh more times than I can count, and stumped me with puzzles even more. As far as my own work, animating Wyv’s and Keep’s fidgeting animations has been a joy, and working to bring the cinematic opening together was really rewarding. I love these sorts of “unnecessary” details.

Co-Optimus: Off the subject of the game for a second, what are your favorite co-op gaming memories?

Jesse: Beau and I were roommates in college and had lots of time to game in between long, sleep-depriving architecture assignments. We played the standard 2-player stuff, but often had more fun inventing co-op modes in games that didn’t exactly feature them. In TFC he’d control the keyboard/movement while I aimed and fired on the mouse, or vice versa. We were surprisingly deadly! Another favorite was getting five stars in San Andreas and hopping into a cargo plane, one flying us high into the air while the other balanced outside on the wing and battled F15s with a rocket launcher.

Co-Optimus: Finally, Wyv and Keep.... what’s up with those names?

Beau: The game originally had a placeholder name of “Dinnar Foerc X”. When we graduated that silliness, we had to come up with something a little more substantial. With a suitable castle theme, the game was going to be named “Wyvern’s Keep”. But we were never really in love with it. Soon after we broke the name up and from its remnants, the two leads were christened. Hence, Wyv and Keep.

Jesse: Look out for our upcoming new game, “Drag and Castle”!

Coming Summer 2012... In a world... Where dinnars are eaten by foerc...?

We'd like to thank Beau and Jesse for taking the time to answer our questions and shed a little more light on this upcoming co-op title. Wyv and Keep is currently available for pre-order for $7.99, which gets you access to the game when it comes out, access to the current beta, and a downloadable copy of the game's soundtrack. Wyv and Keep is currently slated for a Summer 2012 release on PC.

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