The 2012 Co-Op Game of the Year Awards - Page 3

Staff Picks


While the staff enjoyed the heck out of Torchlight 2, there were certain folks that had such an amazing experience with Journey and what it offered for co-op players.  While not your traditional cooperative experience, Journey broke the mold in so many ways and easily became one of those games you just had to have played.  It transcended itself as a game and became something more.  

Because of that we've awarded Journey our Indie Co-Op Game of the Year.


It's hard to disagree with the community pick for the AAA game this year.  Borderlands 2 is simply a juggernaut for co-op gamers offering something for everyone.  The careful blend of action and RPG plus loot collecting makes it an addicting romp, and the laugh out loud dialog further adds to the entertainment.  Add in all the co-op accessibility and the game is damn near perfect.

Because of that we've awarded Borderlands 2 our 2012 Co-Op Game of the Year.

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