Wanderlust Adventures

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Indie-Ana Co-Op - Gaming with Yeti Trunk
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Indie-Ana Co-Op - Gaming with Yeti Trunk

We play Wanderlust Adventures with developer Matt Griffin

Co-op enthusiasts may remember developer Yeti Trunk from their previous venture into the realm of cooperative gaming in Wanderlust: Rebirth, a top-down, 16-bit style, action RPG. The team has been working on a variety of projects since then, including a new entry in the "Wanderlust" series, titled Wanderlust Adventures. While the game is still in Alpha, co-founder and lead designer Matt Griffin took us for a quick tour around the place.

In the first video, Matt and I go through some of the main features of the game (i.e., the cooperative aspects, the loot and skill system) before Matt shows off a whole new feature that's been added: random side quests. These quests are part of the partial randomization of the world.

In the second video of our play session, we discuss that "partial randomization" in a little more depth, tackle some bosses, and delve into one of the world's challenging dungeons.

The game is set to enter into a closed beta within the next month or so, and possibly open up to more players in the near future. While there's no set release date for the title, Matt and Jason (the other half of Yeti Trunk) are hoping to have the game out later this year.

Our thanks again to Matt for taking the time to chat and play with us, and be sure to keep checking back into Co-Optimus.com for all your co-op gaming news!